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4 Step Guide Of The Special Education Process

4 Step Guide Of The Special Education Process

There are several processes and procedures for special education. It is designed to provide an appropriate program for a student. There is no need for you to be an expert in all areas of special education for imparting proper learning to your students. Only having a firm understanding of the necessary unique process will enable you to understand it in a better way. This is a guide that tells you all the steps mentioned. That made regarding the intention to navigate each level in the proper direction and find out which actions are applicable.

Steps Of Special Education


The first step is the referral of the student to the school district to evaluate whether the student needs special education. You need to undertake this step as soon as you suspect that your student may need such services. It is the responsibility of the district to identify all such students.


After obtaining your consent in writing the school district evaluates the student for personal learning. The community notifies you about the same. The initial process addresses all the areas of suspected disability that includes the areas which may not be directly related to the eligibility category.

4 Step Guide Of The Special Education Process
4 Step Guide Of The Special Education Process

Education Report

Now, a group of qualified professionals meets to review the initial release. The report contains all the results from the assessments conducted and the information collected from studying them. Hence, after proper discussion, a conclusion regarding the eligibility of the student decided.


Finally, if the student found eligible for special education services, then it will require your consent. Once you give your approval now, the child is ready for getting the service. The district will itself formulate a team that will work on creating a program for the student.

How Is Special Education Beneficial?

4 Step Guide Of The Special Education Process
4 Step Guide Of The Special Education Process

If a student is eligible for the exceptional services, then a team constitutes. The parent or guardian also included as a member of that team. The group further make use of the information that previously taken at the time of the evaluation. This is to find out the needs of the students. Thus, decide about the appropriate way of implementing the procedure. Now, after proper education is provided. Then once in a year review of the student’s progress is updated, and along with that, the next year, goals are decided for the individualized program. Therefore, within three years again, a re-evaluation is done because the child still needs education or not. If no such improvements noticed, then the program again re-planned for that particular individual child.


Once a student undergoes the particular education program, he will straightforwardly learn lots of new things. When he grows up and either a graduate or exceeds the age requirements, then you and your student invited to participate in developing programs for other students. Such a student can contribute and provide appropriate suggestions regarding the procedure. It will help in developing a successful program for some other students.

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